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  • Important: Registration

    Due a bunch of spam accounts registering, I've locked down the forums. All new registrations must be approved.

    If you have legitimate business here? Then please contact me on the official ERPNext forums. Or send me an email asking me for access. And I will happily let you in.

    But so far, this place is empty. ☺

    If that changes, and it becomes a busy hub, then I'll look into alternative registration options.


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  • Version 14 Ready

    I've upgraded the original App to the latest Frappe v14. This was a lot easier than I expected.

    So now there are 2 branches on GitHub:

    • version-13
    • version-14 (default)

    I'll continue to maintain both, and try to keep them in parallel.

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  • Dark Mode / Skins

    For those users that love Dark Mode, this website has a great feature for changing the UI!

    1. Click on your Profile icon, then "Settings"


    2. Choose the option "Select a Skin":


    3. Bonus: You can Preview

    To preview the new skin temporarily, just select it in the drop down (but don't save yet).

    Wait about 15 seconds. The page will redraw using the new skin!
    If you like it, save your Settings. Otherwise, just leave the page.

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  • RE: What is the BTU?

    Additional Screenshots

    1. Tasks


    2. Task Schedules


    3. Task Logs



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  • Frequently Anticipated Questions

    1. Where is the Official Documentation?

    You can find the official documentation here. (it's a GitHub Pages site)

    2. How do I install this?

    Please follow the Installation Guide.

    3. Is ERPNext a prerequisite?

    No, the BTU does not depend on ERPNext. It just needs Frappe framework.

    4. Is all of this open source?

    Yes, 100%.

    5. What are the current versions?

    • BTU (frappe app) : version-13
    • BTU Scheduler (daemon) : v.0.3.3

    6. Will you support Frappe version 14?

    Yes, but not until after its Official Release date.

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  • What is the BTU?

    Background Tasks Unleashed (BTU)

    A software package that allows Frappe Framework users to create, schedule, and monitor background Tasks, all from a web page.

    Tasks are any Python function, from any installed Frappe App.

    BTU users don't need to write code, touch '', or SSH into a web server: everything they need is performed in their browser.

    Things You Can Do

    • Automatically create and submit Sales Invoices at 8 PM nightly.
    • Email purchase orders to suppliers automatically, every Monday at 7 AM and Wednesday at 3 PM.
    • Run a maintenance task to clean your ERPNext tables every 8 hours.
    • Fetch data from 3rd party APIs every 5 minutes.
    • On-demand, click a button to create a Stock Entry journal.


    How does it work?

    The BTU consists of 3 pieces of software:

    1. A Frappe App with DocTypes such as Tasks, Task Schedules, and Task Logs. (Link to its GitHub repo here.)

    2. A scheduler daemon, that integrates with the frontend Frappe App. (GitHub repo here.)

    • Enqueues Tasks based on their Schedules.
    • Listens for commands.
    • Automatically refreshes the schedules, in case of a server reboot.
    • CLI component.
    1. An optional CLI tool. Web administrators can use this for querying and interacting with the scheduler daemon.

    Further Reading

    To learn more about this tool, visit the Official Documentation, or chat with me here on the forums. ⌨

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  • Welcome to Datahenge Forums!

    Officially launching these forums, June 25th 2022.

    First order of business is writing about the Background Task Scheduler application for Frappe framework.

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  • Frequently Anticipated Questions (General)

    What is the purpose of this site?
    To provide a platform for communicating about ERPNext, Background Task Scheduler, and other topics that interest me. 🙂

    The scheduler App is especially complex. I needed a place to help everyone learn and use it. The official forums aren't appropriate for third party App support.

    Why not use Discourse software?
    It has a few features I don't like. But mostly, I wanted to try something new and different.

    Why not use Telegram / Slack / Discord ?
    I really enjoy Slack and Discord. However, they are not as inclusive to all users across the world (some countries/areas restrict access to those apps.). So an ordinary website seemed like the best approach right now.

    Where do you live?
    Just a few miles north of Portland, Oregon, USA. (UTC -7)

    Where is this website hosted?
    Somewhere in a datacenter located in Dallas, Texas, USA.

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